There is so much out there for Harry Potter lovers — and rightfully so! You can visit the Warner Brothers studio tour right outside of London, Universal Studios in Orlando or Hollywood to experience the wizarding world, and take a themed yoga class? Yes, that’s right. Sisters, and Potterheads, Ximena Larkin and Isabel Beltran just made Harry Potter yoga a thing.

These ladies were trying to find a way to make their yoga class more interactive while Ximena was reflecting on the death of Harry Potter’s parents, taking place on Halloween night. As a big fan of the series, this fact has stuck with her. The sisters also celebrate the Day of the Dead, so combining that with Halloween and Harry Potter seemed like a unique and befitting combo. Ximena believes that mixing magic and yoga works perfectly together, because meditation is just like concentration for a spell.

The Harry Potter-themed class was held at Circle Brewing Company in Austin, Texas on October 30, and incorporated the Deathly Hallows book. The sold-out class received wands and sorting hat cookies that chose what house they were in.

Isabel added other fun elements to the class. When doing sun salutations, you “bring your wings out like the Fawkes phoenix rising from the ashes.” For meditation, she read the story of The Tale of the Three Brothers during corpse pose and closed with a Dumbledore quote.

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