Low Carb Diet Side Effects

The Positive Aspects And Side Effects Of A Low Carb Diet

low_carb_side_effectsOne of the popular diets for weight loss in this day and age is still the Low Carb Diet. Various individuals follow this type of diet because it is generally very easy to follow. It mainly is based on restricting carbohydrate intake. In the beginning, the person on the diet may experience cravings for carbohydrates but this will soon subside, resulting in eating less and losing weight. However, this type of diet is associated with much controversy. For this reason, it is best to find out whether the positive aspects of the diet outweigh the negative side effects.

The Rewards

The low carb diets are able to bring about a number of benefits to the individual. Some of the positive effects have undergone extensive scientific testing. Some of these effects include some of the following:

•Weight loss

•Lowered blood pressure

•Lowered blood glucose which is good for pre-diabetics and diabetics

•A decrease in the blood-insulin levels

The Side Effects Of Low Carb Dieting

When it comes to the side effects it is not meant to discourage individuals from following such a diet but to rather give the necessary information needed. Knowing about the downside of these diets will assist individuals in making the decision on whether to use these diets. The side effects of the low carbohydrate diets can include:


•Bad breath



•Appetite loss


Many people are under the impression that a low carbohydrate diet is a proven recipe to lose weight fast. There may be some truth to the initial weight loss, however, this loss is more to do with the amount of muscle tissue and water lost and not actually fat. The reason for this is that the body needs carbohydrates to function properly and when carbohydrates are eliminated from the diet, the body does not only turn to fat as a source of energy but also uses the muscle tissue to derive energy. In many cases when people are finished with a low carb diet they will end up binging on carbs.

Other Side Effects

Choosing the low-carb diets will often mean that the person will urinate more often than usual. With this excessive fluid loss, the person risks losing valuable minerals like magnesium and sodium. The effects of this particular issue are usually associated with a “racing” heart rate and muscle cramps. For this reason, it is important that the dieter ensures that they are obtaining sufficient electrolytes and should stop the diet if any of these symptom types persist.

In more rare cases, the low-carb diets are linked with kidney stones, typically due to the excessive protein intake which is to do with inadequate intake of fluids. Certain people on the extremely low carbohydrate diets can experience a dysfunction in their thyroid hormones. Insulin is a hormone that is used to assist with the conversion of T4 the thyroid hormone which is more inactive when compared to the active hormone T3. Production of insulin is low on the low-carb diets which mean the individual can experience hypothyroid symptoms that include sluggishness and intolerance to the cold.

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