How Does Low Carb Dieting Work?

Just What Is Low Carb Dieting?

what_is_low_carb_dietingIf you’re like a third of all adults, you’re obese. In fact, if you’re like two-thirds of all adults, you’re just overweight as it is. You probably exercise already, and have learned the benefits it provides, but without a matching diet, you might not be making any real progress.

The search for a diet that helps with weight loss leads people to consider a lot of options. Atkins. South Beach. The Mediterranean or DASH diets. There are also low fat and low carb options. Once you study enough diets, you soon realize that many of them share similar patterns in cutting out excess sugars. So, you start wondering just what is low carb dieting?

In essence, a low carb diet is any one that restricts the amount of carbohydrates consumed by a the person following it. That means avoiding, eliminating, or reducing foods with lots of carbs, such as sugary foods, bread, and pasta. What it does mean eating lots of is protein, healthy veggies, and fat.

As mentioned already, low carb diets come in many forms and names, but in general, they do help promote both weight loss and cause improved health. This has been backed up by decades of multiple research studies.

If you choose to follow low carb dieting yourself, you do know now in general what food groups to avoid and which ones to pick, but getting into specifics day by day and meal by meal is going to be contingent on a few factors. The first is how healthy you already are. The second is your level of exercise. The third is how many pounds you intend to lose.

While you should probably start your diet by consulting your physician or a dietitian, there are a number of immediate moves you can make on your own to alter your current diet. For starters, learn what carbs to avoid. This includes any food that is highly processed, anything that advertises itself as ‘low-fat,’ sugary foods or things with high fructose corn syrup, seed oils, trans fats, and wheat. This also means avoiding candy, ice cream, soft drinks, fruit juices, and agave. You also must avoid gluten grains among breads and pastas, as well as the ingredients wheat, rye, barley, and spelt.

So what can you eat on a low carb diet? Meat, eggs, and fish are all available to you, as are fruits and veggies. Also throw in healthy oils, fats, high-fat dairy, and nuts and seeds. When you can find tubers and non-gluten grains, you can have those as well.

Good luck!

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