Low Carb Snacking – What Kind Of Snacks Can You Have On A Low Card Diet?

How To Know What The Best Low Carb Snacks Are?

A low carb diet can help you maintain a proper body weight. This is why many weight loss programs are based on increasing the protein intake while keeping carbs to a minimum. The biggest problem is snacks, because they are usually less healthy, due to their high carbohydrates content. This article will show you how to prepare delicious low carb snacks to keep you going between the main meals of the day.

First of all, if you love bread, you should consider replacing it with wheat-free crackers. They can make an excellent base for a wide range of snacks. Eat them with guacamole, cheese, olives, cherry tomatoes or cold meats. Optionally, you can add a little butter, but you shouldn’t overdo it. You can buy ready-made avocado dips, but it’s always better to prepare them at home, should you have the time for doing it. If you’re too busy, you’ll have to buy your snacks, but there’s nothing wrong with it, provided that you make wise choices.

Nuts are among the best low carb snacks one could possibly find. Readily available, almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, and Macadamia are tasty and they can make a delicious stand-alone snack. If you want, you can mix them with yogurt or kefir. You should avoid pistachios and cashews because they are relatively rich in carbs. Moreover, as nuts contain a lot of calories, you should be very careful, as you may put some weight on you, should you make them your main snacking option.

Celery can be a very interesting option, especially if you mix it with a sour dip or with some blue cheese. Nonetheless, you should like its specific taste to start with, otherwise, this isn’t going to work. If you do hate celery, you can try raw carrots, as they are also very low in carbohydrates and rich in vitamins and minerals your body needs to maintain its proper functioning.

As you can see, there are many foods you can snack on while on a low carb diet. You can also eat fruits, but you need to avoid eating them alone, as they can be quite hard on your liver and on your entire digestive system. Fruits contain fructose, which can only be metabolized in the liver and in the intestines, so you have to make sure you mix them with other types of foods, in order to be able to use their energy for your activities rather than storing it as fat deposits.

Anyway, you can always learn more about the best food combinations by getting in touch with a nutritionist or dietitian. These professionals know what happens to various types of food once they get past the mouth, so they are the most qualified individuals to offer you advice in this area. By understanding what happens when you put various foods into your body, you’ll be able to create your own healthy snacks, so that you don’t have to feel hungry between breakfast and lunch or between lunch and dinner.
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How Does Carb Cycling Work?

How Can You Use Carb Cycling For Weight Loss?

how carb cycling worksYou may not be a body builder, or have any interest in becoming one, but chances are if you have a few extra pounds that you want to lose, you could benefit from a diet that was developed in the body building world. That diet is called carb cycling. Not to be confused with a low-carb diet, as most people think of them, carb cycling promises similar results by alternating between high and low carb days. Here’s how it works.

How Carb Cycling Started

Carb cycling came about as a result of body builders following periods of bulking up by building muscle, with periods of carb cycling to shed those final layers of undesirable fat. The practice was very successful, and it spread like wildfire through the bodybuilding world. Very soon, personal trainers discovered the practice, and started working it into their training routines.

The Carb Cycling Process

The process works best for those who are willing, and able, to incorporate some physical workouts or training into their fitness plan. The same could be said for every diet, however. Generally, most people alternate their eating habits between two different carb cycling protocols. If you guessed high carb and low carb, you’re correct! Doing it right requires meticulous menu planning, and a commitment to follow through.

The idea is that restricting carbs a few days out of the week, combined with moderate exercise, will help to reduce fat. Low carb diets have been shown to be effective for helping you to lose weight, but not necessarily fat. The reason why is because when carbs are removed long term, the body’s metabolism slows to a crawl, resulting in more difficulty burning fat, and in some cases, fat gain.

The same is not true of carb cycling because you still intake enough carbs to prevent the metabolism from being affected. High carb days become metabolism boosting days, while low carb days become fat burning days. The way it works is as follows:

High carb days: Typically you’ll consume 2 grams per pound of body weight on high carb days. They are reserved for workout days as your body needs the extra carbs on these days. Ideally you’ll consume them with whole foods such as rice, potatoes, oats, grains, and breads, rather than from sugars. The carbs ensure that you’ll have the energy you need for your physical activities, and it provides a boost to your metabolism.

Low carb: On these days you restrict your intake of carbs to as little as you are comfortable with, but no less than 30 grams. Doing this gets the body into the optimal state for burning fat, but as it is only for a short time, it has no impact on metabolism.

Most people start to feel the results of following this pattern within the first week, and can actually see the difference in their bodies during the second week. Be aware that you’ll have water weight gain on high carb days, but you’ll lose it and more on the low carb days.

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The Best LCHF Snacks

LCHF Snacks – Which Ones Are The Best For Your Low Carb Diet

LCHF_SnacksRecently, low-carb, high-fat diets have been all the rage. People have realized that you don’t need to avoid fat if you want to lose weight. You just need to consume healthy fats.

If you’re coming up with a diet plan, you’re going to need to find some LCHF snacks. If you munch on snacks like this, it’ll be easy for you to stay full between meals.




Fruits are packed full of nutrients. They’re a great source of important vitamins, and they contain antioxidants as well. When you eat fruit, you’re giving your body exactly what it needs.

If you’re following a LCHF diet, fruit is an excellent snack. While some fruits are high in carbs, fruits like apples, strawberries, and blueberries are all a wonderful choice. If you’re craving something sweet, don’t reach for a candy bar. Instead, reach for a delicious piece of fruit.


Vegetables are an essential part of any healthy diet. If you want to keep your body in excellent shape, you need to make sure you’re eating vegetables on a daily basis.

If you’re not a huge fan of veggies, you may want to combine them with some kind of dip. While a lot of diets require people to stay away from things like dip, there are dips that are LCHF friendly.

Dipping vegetables in olive oil is an excellent idea; olive oil is a wonderful source of healthy fats. You could also try a Greek yogurt dip. It’s a smart substitute for sour cream.

Hard-Boiled Eggs

If you’re trying to stay satiated, you need to make sure you’re consuming plenty of protein. Eggs are a great protein source, and they can be a fantastic fat source as well. The yolk of an egg is loaded with healthy fats.

Hard-boiled eggs are portable and great for snacking. You can season your egg with a pinch of salt, or you can eat it plain. If you’re trying to cut back on calories, eating eggs as a snack might help you to reduce your portion sizes. Once you’ve had an egg, you won’t have room for anything else!


Want a salty snack that you can munch on at your desk? You can give up chips and crackers while still satisfying your cravings. Nuts are easy to snack on, and they are a wonderful choice for any dieter.

Nuts are one of the best LCHF snacks. Almonds and walnuts are especially smart choices; they’ll tide you over if you are starting to get hungry.

If you want salty snack options that aren’t nuts, you might want to try eating seeds. Sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds are a wonderful choice. Experiment with different kinds of nuts and seeds until you find something that you love.

The LCHF diet offers a lot of flexibility. If you decide to follow a diet like this, you’ll never struggle to find things to eat. You’ll always be able to make smart food choices. These snacks are very different from each other, but they are all diet friendly.

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Low Carb Dieting To Lose Weight

Using a Low Carb Diet to Lose Weight

low_carb_diet_to_lose_weightA low carb (carbohydrate) diet is one where the dieter can lose a good amount of weight while not neglecting to eat in general. When using a low carb diet, you are less likely to feel hungry throughout the day. How does it work?

Simply put, a low carb diet promotes consuming food that is rich in protein, veggies, and natural fats. What is restricted is food that contains a high amount of carbohydrates, such as sugary snacks, pasta, and bread.

Why stay away from food that is high in carbohydrates? Well, when we consume digestible carbs, they are broken down into sugar in our intestines. This is then absorbed into the bloodstream, which in turn works to raise levels of glucose throughout the body. This produces insulin, which is known as a fat-storing hormone. Obviously, in order to lose weight, carbs need to be taken into the body in small amounts.

When you take in a smaller amount of carbohydrates, your glucose levels stay moderate, as well as your insulin. This promotes the burning of fat throughout the body.

When it comes to eating foods with low carbohydrates, individuals find that they are not hungry throughout the day like one would be using another diet system. When you engage in a low carbohydrate diet, you are not restricted as to how much food you eat. It’s been proven that when individuals are allowed to fill up as much as they like with food that is low carb, their caloric intake in and of itself tends to drop. This too can aid an individual’s weight loss goals.

If you are interested in trying this diet, perhaps you are wondering what food you are allowed to take in when engaging in a low carb diet. Each day, you are encouraged to take in less than twenty grams of carbohydrates, so, therefore, you would want to choose what you consume wisely. Food that is rich in protein, such as eggs, meat, cheese, fish, and other forms of seafood are perfectly acceptable. Vegetables that grow above the ground, such as broccoli, asparagus, eggplant, and cauliflower, are also encouraged when you choose to follow a low carb diet.

What about food that you should avoid? Fruit, soda, juice, pasta, potatoes, bread, beer, candy, and rice are all items that are not encouraged when you are following a low carb diet. This is because they are high in carbohydrates, and can derail your weight loss goals.

In conclusion, if you are looking to lose weight, and even help reverse the effects of Type 2 Diabetes, a low carb diet can help you to do just that. In this article, we have discussed the way a low carb diet works to promote weight loss, as well as some of the food you can eat, and items that you should avoid. If you are working toward your weight loss goal, give a low carb diet a try. You will meet your goals in no time.

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Low Carb Diet Side Effects

The Positive Aspects And Side Effects Of A Low Carb Diet

low_carb_side_effectsOne of the popular diets for weight loss in this day and age is still the Low Carb Diet. Various individuals follow this type of diet because it is generally very easy to follow. It mainly is based on restricting carbohydrate intake. In the beginning, the person on the diet may experience cravings for carbohydrates but this will soon subside, resulting in eating less and losing weight. However, this type of diet is associated with much controversy. For this reason, it is best to find out whether the positive aspects of the diet outweigh the negative side effects.

The Rewards

The low carb diets are able to bring about a number of benefits to the individual. Some of the positive effects have undergone extensive scientific testing. Some of these effects include some of the following:

•Weight loss

•Lowered blood pressure

•Lowered blood glucose which is good for pre-diabetics and diabetics

•A decrease in the blood-insulin levels

The Side Effects Of Low Carb Dieting

When it comes to the side effects it is not meant to discourage individuals from following such a diet but to rather give the necessary information needed. Knowing about the downside of these diets will assist individuals in making the decision on whether to use these diets. The side effects of the low carbohydrate diets can include:


•Bad breath



•Appetite loss


Many people are under the impression that a low carbohydrate diet is a proven recipe to lose weight fast. There may be some truth to the initial weight loss, however, this loss is more to do with the amount of muscle tissue and water lost and not actually fat. The reason for this is that the body needs carbohydrates to function properly and when carbohydrates are eliminated from the diet, the body does not only turn to fat as a source of energy but also uses the muscle tissue to derive energy. In many cases when people are finished with a low carb diet they will end up binging on carbs.

Other Side Effects

Choosing the low-carb diets will often mean that the person will urinate more often than usual. With this excessive fluid loss, the person risks losing valuable minerals like magnesium and sodium. The effects of this particular issue are usually associated with a “racing” heart rate and muscle cramps. For this reason, it is important that the dieter ensures that they are obtaining sufficient electrolytes and should stop the diet if any of these symptom types persist.

In more rare cases, the low-carb diets are linked with kidney stones, typically due to the excessive protein intake which is to do with inadequate intake of fluids. Certain people on the extremely low carbohydrate diets can experience a dysfunction in their thyroid hormones. Insulin is a hormone that is used to assist with the conversion of T4 the thyroid hormone which is more inactive when compared to the active hormone T3. Production of insulin is low on the low-carb diets which mean the individual can experience hypothyroid symptoms that include sluggishness and intolerance to the cold.

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Low Carb Diet Vs. Low Fat Diet

A Low Carb Diet Vs A Low Fat Diet: Which Option Is Right For You?

low_carb_vs_low_fatAre you planning to go on a diet? If you’re thinking about dieting, you have a number of options available to you. Low carb diets tend to be quite popular, and low fat diets are popular as well.

Which diet is going to be the best choice for you? Here are a few things you should think about if you are trying to find the right diet.

Which Will Be Easier For You To Cut?

The easier it is to stick to your diet, the better. You aren’t going to want to pick up a diet that you will drop in a few weeks time. You are going to have to stick to your diet if you want to see results.

Because of this, you should think about whether it would be easier for you to cut back on your carb intake or cut back on the fat that you consume. Take a look at a few sample menus and see which one looks most appealing to you.


It’s always smart to look at the results that other people have achieved with diets. Look at before and after pictures from people that have followed some kind of low carb diet. After that, look at pictures of people that have followed a low fat diet.

See which results are most impressive to you. If someone with a body type that is similar to yours has dropped a lot of weight with their diet, that might be the kind of diet that you want to try.

Educate Yourself

The more you know about fat and carbs, the better. Make sure you’re aware of the different types of fat. Ensure that you know which kinds of foods contain carbs.

If you’re a food expert, you’ll always be able to make the right choices. You won’t have to worry about breaking your diet.

You Should Always Avoid Extremes

Whether you opt to cut carbs or cut back on fat, you should avoid going to extremes. The body does need some carbohydrates in order to function, and the body needs some fat as well.

You shouldn’t eliminate either of these things from your diet completely. Instead, you should cut back on your consumption and try to avoid unhealthy sources of these things. If you’re more careful about what you eat, you’ll be able to make smart choices that will benefit your body and help you to lose all of the weight that you want to lose.

At the end of the day, you’re the one that is going to have to make decisions about your diet. You should be careful about the foods that you choose and make a point of selecting foods that are great for you and your body. Find a diet that is a good fit for you and the lifestyle that you want to lead. Whether you cut out carbs or cut back on fat, you should be genuinely satisfied with the decision that you make.

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Low Carb Diet Vs High Carb Diet – Which Is The Better Angle?

Low Carb vs High Carb which one is right for you?

Low_Carb_Vs_High_Carb_DietWhy take on a low carb diet vs a high carb diet? I am a good person to ask. There are pros and cons to each, and I am familiar with both sides. Personally, I prefer a low carb diet because that is what has helped me lose the most weight. However, losing weight is the easy part with a low carb diet. It’s sticking with the diet and knowing enough to diversify and eat healthy that’s the challenge.

With a high carb diet, it is the other way around. Weight loss is slower and not as easy. It can be difficult for many people to be successful on a high carb diet. However, it is easier to follow a diet like this because it is more relatable to people’s views of the food pyramid, however skewed they may be. People’s views of the food pyramid are skewed because of the influence of the market and all those tasty products at the grocery store.

It is harder though as mentioned to train yourself to eating a low carb diet. It seems easy at first because you get to eat as much as you want. Your body starts handling your appetite naturally though, so it’s not like you’re going to wake up and eat a whole rack of ribs for breakfast every morning. What happens is after three days, your body enters a state of ketosis. Once you are in ketosis, you have risks if you don’t know how to properly manage a ketogenic diet plan.

You have to understand that your body does need carbs, so in no way does a low carb diet constitute leaving out the carbs entirely. You want to stay on the diet, and you don’t want yourself to get sick. That may put a big dark gloomy cloud over the low carb diet side of the argument for some people, but a low carb diet and transition into balanced eating for the maintenance phase makes sense to me.

It makes sense to me for many reasons. For starters, it is a proven way for me to lose weight as I mentioned. It also trains you to think differently for the rest of your life when eating balanced meals. When you are in the grocery store, you will see how unhealthy food has become, packaged for convenience and full of sugar and too many bad carbs.

Either way, even on a high carb diet you aren’t going to eat your weight in Ho-Ho’s. In other words, you are going to watch out when you see things like that to eat that are high in carbs. Plus, you have to be restrictive sometimes on a high carb diet. As mentioned, there are pros and cons to each. A high carb diet is a low fat diet, plain and simple. There are different ways of going about it. Just remember that there are healthy fats just like there are healthy carbs so you have to develop a balanced dietary plan.

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